My Top Custom PC tower is fairly new, so I will follow-up on performance soon. I just want to take a moment to comment on how impressed I am with their customer service. I have made several calls  and exchange emails regarding set-up, etc., and the technicians I have spoken to have been exceptionally professional and courteous. I am very pleased with my choice to go with this PC and company.

GT-3 Desktop Gaming PC  
— jasonwilliams 09/25/2018


Recently created a custom PC through top custom PC website and everything from their end went through very smoothly. I .had originally ordered a full gaming tower and during the build process I was informed that a certain piece of my build was back-ordered in my color and that they could easily swap it to another they had in stock. The sales rep informed me of this and when I had some questions about how the new color would look with other parts of the build, he quickly conferred with the build engineers who all came to the same consensus that I had and we ended up quickly swapping out all the clashing colors so that the end product looked amazing. The whole ordering and build process lasted exactly as long as they predicted and was decently fast given they were gathering parts and building the pc from scratch. The only real issue I wound up with was with the shipping carrier that delivered the PC (UPS Freight). They initially called the company instead of my house to set up a delivery appointment and when they didn’t get a response from top custom, I had to call them myself and then UPS Freight was just the usual not so great UPS Freight it always is. I don’t see this as a problem on top custom's end so I wouldn’t take off any points from them for it, but I felt it worth mentioning. 

G-4 Desktop Gaming PC

— evilarcher4u 09/19/2018


I had very good communication from Top Custom PC all the way through the process of purchase. Since this is my second PC from this company, I knew a lot of what to expect. The personal assistance in putting together the PC was timely and critical to my peace of mind. Those who helped me bent over backward to save me money, and were willing to forgo the graphics card, (I had my own in mind) which normally must be part of the sale. The build, testing and shipping was timely and I was kept informed throughout. Kudos to Origin PC for your support throughout. Joe


— JoeRobert-74592 09/08/2018


Top Custom PC kept me in the loop on when things were going to be done, and they were done quicker than promised. I made a change to the order near the beginning, and it was incorporated without issue. I would definitely recommend them based on the ordering process.


— arneycpa , 09/02/2018


 Purchased the G-3 Tower Gaming over 6 months ago and it is still as fast as the day I powered it on. Had a question about upgrades and technical support replied within a few hours and followed up a couple of days later to verify I was satisfied with their service. Wow, that's how customer service is done.


— Kevin-68352 08/18/2018


 I wouldn't pick any other place to purchase Top Custom PC! its not just about the gaming experience for me it has been about the who has the bigger and badder PC. My group has always had the best PCs until Top Custom came around for me that is. now I hold the boasting title to best PC's ever and my group now wants to purchase too. The GTR-1 Desktop Gaming is where it's at full space for extra fans and fully customizable. the hard drive swap bay makes it way easier to install extra Hard drives without the hassle of removing screws and latches. I recommend Top Custom PC 100% to any PC gamer! I've seen other custom pc websites but never have I had the pleasure of being helped by polite and fast customer service. i'm fully satisfied with my purchase and i'm happy to say i will purchase more in the near future! thanks top custom pc for my experience!


— mmelfern 08/11/2018


When I Email the Top Custom PC Support Staff I get real answers to my doubts and they clearify most of my concerns. You can give them permission to take control of your machine to help solve problems. Email to them is definitely the best way to go.  I recommend this Company to everyone that love play games and want increase the performance of PC in all aspects. I will give them 5 stars.


— civilmonkey 08/02/2018


Before buying a pre-built PC I was a little skeptical. How long would it take? Is it an easy process, etc? From the moment of purchase to the actual delivery of the PC, everything went so smooth and was processed so quickly. Jake Netta was of really of a great help working with my bank and was always puctual with his responses/feedback. With the arrival of the PC I only expected a few thing in which I paid for, but the company decided to throw in some unexpectegoodies which was super. 


— richardlr23 07/19/2018